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Abi was going off to school out of state and wouldn’t be coming home every weekend, like some of her friends. She had gone to school with her friends for 12 years. She was really going to miss them and was feeling really blue. So her mom surprised her with a Click Clique Photo Party for 10 of her girlfriends. She added on a make-up artist. And had food catered for the 3 hour event.  The girls all brought little black dresses AND wore their high school t-shirts for the group photo.  The Buff had her photo taken with each of the girls when it was time for their individual shots.  They had a blast dressing up and posing for photos.

At $200 an hour, each girl got a group photo and an individual photo mailed to them, as well as posts in Facebook, and an option to buy, and share images online.

Buffy got a beautiful hardback book to take with her to college with several images from her photo day with her BFFs

Suggest a Click Clique Photo Party with Lorikay Photography to your friends who have kids running off to college.

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